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Breathe In And Let Go…


Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our country had once said ~ “An eye of an eye will make the whole world blind.” As a firm believer of non-violence and truth, he had also quoted the Bible saying “When someone slaps you on one cheek, smile, turn your face and offer him your other cheek.”

Hello! Reality check! We’re in the 21st century out here. Where technology and development is glowing with pride and morality is on its downward journey. Here, no one will hesitate to poke you in the eye, slap your other cheek or stab you in the back (figuratively and literally). Today, we live in a world where evolution has got us to such a juncture that we won’t hesitate before selling off our scruples. People have become impatient, over-sensitive, indifferent, insolent and intolerant.

People hurt each other purposefully, out of jealousy, hatred or just to show their superiority. They hardly ever take into consideration the feelings and emotions of others. Feeling have become a toy to be used and discarded. So in a world like this, would you still advocate others to be quiet and not do anything? And after going through hell, you’ll nevertheless have some of the ‘hurt’ people telling you “Just because they are bad doesn’t mean we have to be bad to them.”

I’m not talking about violence out here. No one is asking anyone to stalk the person concerned with a knife, look for a good opportunity and go for the kill. That’s not the point. What one must learn to do is not bask in the hurt but to make efforts to grow out of it. Detach from things that hurt you, incidences that act as hurdles in your growth as a person. It may have been good while it lasted, but now if it is driving you up the wall, take the hint and let it go with a smile in your heart. It sounds difficult but is definitely a worthwhile endeavor  If someone or something has hurt you, don’t be afraid to leave it or ignore it. You aren’t giving up or being a coward if you leave it because sometimes it takes the greatest strength not to stick along but to ignore.

Life is definitely a stage and we are nothing but just actors. No one had said that life is holding an audition for the role of ‘martyr’ that one has to slog in misery just to look benevolent and paltry. Don’t just throw your life away by allowing people to hurt you, use you and then discard you. Stand up for yourself if no one does, take radical steps if necessary but don’t compromise your self worth. Ultimately in the end, it’s your life and it’s up to you to see how large you can make it.