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Is This Time The Right Time?


The Hindi Film Industry of India, BOLLYWOOD is world famous. From its exotic locations to tales that manage to touch millions of hearts, from brilliant performers to colourful and melodious songs, Bollywood has managed to create a class of its own in the world. Even though Bollywood is the leading film industry of the country, we have many regional film industries which make just as engaging and touching stories.

One such film industry, the Marathi film industry comes from the state of Maharashtra. This industry was booming in the past but experienced a lull when many of its talented actors turned to Bollywood for career opportunities. Thanks to the efforts of the people in the recent years, the industry is back and is having its seasons in the sun, finally getting over the period of quiescence.

A number of movies like “Jogwa”, “Natrang”, “Zhenda”, “Shwaas”, “Deool”, “SanaiChaughade” have come and managed to find a place in the hearts of the people by dealing with social issues, day to day problems in a simple and beautiful way. One such movie that I recently saw was “BalakPalak”.

“BalakPalak” in simple English means “Children and their Parents”. This movie deals with the debatable topic of when to actually sit down with your child and have “the talk” about the “Birds and the Bees”. The movie tells a transparent tale where a father finds a few pornographic CDs in his son’s room and is shaken by his discovery. The movie then takes us to the time (1975) where the father was of almost the same age as his son is now (in 2012).

It shows how the father along with his group of 4 other friends, try to find out things about the world of intimacy in a simple and hilarious way. Indian culture, being very conservative and tight lipped, they have a tough time understanding what exactly happens between couples behind closed doors. Since approaching parents is out of question, they quench their curiosity by turning to erotic literature and videos. In the end they realize how their enthusiasm to venture into uncharted territories have changed them and finally approach their parents.

The movie ends with the mother explaining to the father that since technology has advanced so much, his son is not going to approach him like how he had approached his father and that it is up to him to sit down with his son and have a talk. That was the message of the movie.

What we need to understand from the movie is that every child needs sex education and it is always better if it comes from the parents because in the process of enlightening the child, they end up being his close/best friends. Now when to do it is completely up to the parents but they must do it.

The world of porn videos and erotic literature tends to be very educational and highly imaginative but in a totally wrong way. Turning to it out of curiosity will only end up filling the minds of young kids with those kinds of images. The flutter of butterflies you feel when you are looking at someone in the crowd and your eyes meet, the electric jolt that runs within you when you hold hands for the first time, the skip of a heartbeat and the burst of joy when you kiss for the first time; all these moments are way too tender and beautiful than the colorful images that are conjured in the mind on watching porn.

It is never too late to sit down with your son/daughter and share the ancient wisdom. Don’t wait for the kids to come and ask you what the birds and the bees do. Be a parent who satisfies the child’s curiosity in the right way, at the right time so that he/she doesn’t turn to experimenting on half and improper knowledge and ends up doing something that is wrong. It will change a hell lot of things for the better!

This is what the movie wanted to convey to the audience and according to me it is an excellent take home message. 🙂