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“I have lots of dreams about Dad. Rarely is he really Dad but instead a mixture of different people’s faces. He starts off as him, then becomes a school teacher, then becomes Zac Efron and then some random person that I saw once before in my life, like the local priest or something. I’ve heard people say that when they dream about a loved one that has died, they feel that its real, that the person is really there, sending them a message, giving them a hug. That somehow dreams are a blurred line between here and there, like a meeting room in a prison. You’re both in the same room, yet on different sides and really, in different worlds. I used to think that people who talked like that were quacks, or fundamentalist religious freaks. But now I know that that is just one the many things I was wrong about. It’s got nothing to do with religion, it’s got nothing to do with mental stability, but it has everything to do with the human mind’s instinct, which is to hope beyond all hope, unless you’re a cynical bastard. It’s got to do with love, losing somebody you love, a part of you being torn away that you’d do almost anything or believe anything to have returned to you. It’s hope that someday you’ll see them again, that you can still feel them near you. Hope like that, as I thought before, doesn’t make you a weak person. It’s hopelessness that makes you weak. Hope makes you stronger, because it brings with it a sense of reason. Not a reason for how or why they were taken from you, but a reason for you to live. Because it’s a maybe. A ‘maybe someday things won’t always be this shit.’ And that ‘maybe’ immediately makes the shittiness better.

I thought that we were supposed to become more cynical the older we got. Me? I was born looking wearily around the hospital room, from one face to another, and just immediately knowing that this new scenario was shit and that I was better off back inside. I continued life like that. Everywhere I was, was shit, and somewhere else, in the backwards direction, was better. Its only now when the matter-of-factness of life has hit me- very dead, death- that I’m beginning to look outwards. Scientific people think they’re looking outwards but they’re not. They think that emotional people only look inwards but they don’t. I think the best scientists are the ones that look both ways.”

-The Book About Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern

New Avenues…


I have been doing many forms of writing- mostly poetry, a little bit of prose, short stories, letters etc. I thought that it’s high time I turn a new leaf and try something new. Out of my curiosity to try something different and as suggested by my dear friend Archana, I have decided to start writing book reviews.

Let me also mention here that I am no literary genius and hence not exactly qualified as such to applaud or criticise an author. So instead of calling them “Reviews”, I would rather call them my opinions since ultimately what I write will be my opinion about the book and how I perceived it.

So here I am, planning to start a new venture. I will try my best to give a proper overview of the book, mention what I liked about the book and what I didn’t and also the loop holes, if at all I feel that the book has any. And most importantly, I will definitely not be a spoiler and leak the plot. So don’t worry about it… 🙂

Upcoming Review: Brighter Than The Sun by JuliaQuinn