Monthly Archives: May 2013

Tides Of Time…


It is said that time and tide wait for no man. Evidently, so do people when certain situations spring up. Everyone has their priorities lined up like ducks and there are times when you just don’t have a place among that line of ducks. This may happen at any time including the times when you needed them the most. In this world where everyone is caught up in their own races, I wonder if its foolish to expect so much out of people. But one thing we can deduce from this for sure is that we must learn to be firm and understand that if we have no place in the priorities of people’s life, maybe its time for us to look for time elsewhere. Where? Well, of course, in our own hearts. Too often, we don’t give ourselves the time that we deserve. It is the bitter truth that no one in this world will give you as much priority as you yourself can. So what are you waiting for? Grab the moment and make time for yourself before you waste the precious minutes looking after someone else. Befriend yourself, be your own best friend and you’ll get to see life in a new light.