New Avenues…


I have been doing many forms of writing- mostly poetry, a little bit of prose, short stories, letters etc. I thought that it’s high time I turn a new leaf and try something new. Out of my curiosity to try something different and as suggested by my dear friend Archana, I have decided to start writing book reviews.

Let me also mention here that I am no literary genius and hence not exactly qualified as such to applaud or criticise an author. So instead of calling them “Reviews”, I would rather call them my opinions since ultimately what I write will be my opinion about the book and how I perceived it.

So here I am, planning to start a new venture. I will try my best to give a proper overview of the book, mention what I liked about the book and what I didn’t and also the loop holes, if at all I feel that the book has any. And most importantly, I will definitely not be a spoiler and leak the plot. So don’t worry about it… 🙂

Upcoming Review: Brighter Than The Sun by JuliaQuinn

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