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Book Review #1


Brighter Than The Sun by Julia Quinn

First of all, writing a review for this book was a bit difficult for me because I am a fan of Judith Mcnaught’s writing. I simply love the way she writes and brings the characters to life in her books. “Brighter Than The Sun” being a book telling the tale based in the early 1800s, I couldn’t help but compare the book with Mcnaught’s books which deal with the same time frame. But then I realized that I was killing the fun by doing that and so got prejudice out of my head so that I could enjoy the book.

The story revolves around a young girl, Eleanor ‘Ellie’ Lyndon and Charles Wycombe, the Earl of Billington. Charles falls at the feet of Ellie, literally, from a tree and that is how they meet. Charles is a handsome, dashing and incorrigible guy whereas Ellie is a heard strong, smart mouthed and intelligent girl. Charles proposes her the same day itself. Not out of “love at first sight” but because he has to get married before he turns 30 or he’ll lose his fortune. And the damsel in distress, considers the offer and accepts it so that she can get rid of her father’s fiance who wants to get her married to hideous men or keep her as slave.

As Ellie and Charles begin their married life, Ellie tries to participate in the household but all her efforts backfire and turn into life threatening accidents including a fire in the kitchen. Ellie is convinced that someone from the family is not happy that Charles chose her as his bride but no one believes her, not even Charles. It is only after Ellie gets severely hurt during a mishap, that the culprit surfaces and confesses their crime.

The story moves on Charles and Ellie finally profess their love for each other. They think that things well be fine again, but will they really? Ellie suffers a bout of food poisoning, the saddle of Charles’ horse is tampered with and they finally realize something terrible is happening when Charles disappears. There is someone very evil who is scheming to get Charles and Ellie out of the way.

You can almost guess who is the mastermind here. Of course Charles is rescued in the end and they live happily ever after. But the way the suspense at the end unfurls is, in a way, disappointing. It lacked action and as compared to the length of the book, occupied very little of the story. It didn’t seem quite exciting because it was introduced and rounded up in a jiffy. A greater portion of the 2nd half of the book could have been used to introduce this suspense and let it grow. It would have kept the readers engrossed along with the crazy banters that Charles and Ellie have.

Nonetheless, it is a good book and the main characters are thoroughly entertaining thanks to the peculiar habits that they seem to have. I am a softie when it comes to romance so my view might have been biased. But die hard romantics can always read and enjoy this book because a love story, no matter how it is told and whom it is between, it is always a love story and manages to reach the heart.

My Rating: 3.5/5

Next Review: Night Tales by Nora Roberts

New Avenues…


I have been doing many forms of writing- mostly poetry, a little bit of prose, short stories, letters etc. I thought that it’s high time I turn a new leaf and try something new. Out of my curiosity to try something different and as suggested by my dear friend Archana, I have decided to start writing book reviews.

Let me also mention here that I am no literary genius and hence not exactly qualified as such to applaud or criticise an author. So instead of calling them “Reviews”, I would rather call them my opinions since ultimately what I write will be my opinion about the book and how I perceived it.

So here I am, planning to start a new venture. I will try my best to give a proper overview of the book, mention what I liked about the book and what I didn’t and also the loop holes, if at all I feel that the book has any. And most importantly, I will definitely not be a spoiler and leak the plot. So don’t worry about it… 🙂

Upcoming Review: Brighter Than The Sun by JuliaQuinn

I’ll Survive…


I’ll Survive…

I walk down the road of life as time passes by,

Filled with courage and strength to face each day.

I chase my dreams and fortune up and down, afraid that they may die,

I have to reach there fast enough to see what it has to say.

But I’ll not doubt though troubles swarm like bees above a hive,

And the sorrows just keep falling down like rain.

I shall believe the heights for which I strive,

For they are reached only by anguish and pain.

And though I groan and tremble as they come my way,

They just keep on adding endlessly, the hardships, the pain.

Yet I shall see through my severest losses, every single day,

As only by it comes true appreciation of the greater gain…

The Birth Of Faith


My most recent trip was to this small island in the Indian Ocean named Sri Lanka. But do not be fooled by its size. Even though it may be a small country, it has the biggest hearts that I have ever seen. Though it is fighting its way up the ladder when it comes to development, but it is totally blessed when it comes to natural bounty. Clad in lush green robes, this country is like a sparking emerald.

This serene and beautiful country is the home of many Buddhist people. It also houses one of the most prestigious and priceless thing of Buddhism, the Tooth Relic Temple. The Tooth Relic Temple is unique and different from all others because it has the last living sign of Lord Buddha- his canine tooth. The tooth was smuggled from India to Sri Lanka, hidden in the headgear of a princess. Why Sri Lanka you may ask. Well it was because Lord Buddha had sensed that this tiny, blessed land will be perfect for the growth of the religion. And indeed it was.

This beautiful temple is situated in the city, Kandy. The minute I stepped inside the complex, a wave of calmness enveloped me. The locals walking towards the temple, armed with lotus flowers always made it a point to send a genuine, warm smile my way. The atmosphere itself was so peaceful, I was felling happy from within.

Inside the temple, there is the chamber that holds the tooth. It is the innermost and the most holy chamber. Surrounding it are more chambers. The doors of these chambers are not always open. The priests go through the astronomical placements of the stars and the doors are opened only when there is an auspicious period as hinted by the celestial bodies.

People who had come to the temple along with us, sat there patiently, waiting for the doors to open. There were about 500 people in the praying area that time but it was so quiet, you would never believe that there were actually 500+ people present there. Everyone sat silently, praying and meditating and waiting for the doors to open. Even the small kids sat next to their parents instead of running around on their curious little legs like they always do.

Me being a Hindu, we rarely get such moments in our temples where there is so much peace and tranquillity. Out temple complexes are beautiful, serene and a class apart but somehow, thanks to the growing population and the never-ending faith in God, all temples are usually so crowded you never get the real feel of spirituality when you are in the temple. You join your hands, close your eyes and before you know it, the next person in the line is pushing you to have his time with God and your prayers are over even before you could start them. Ask anybody and they will tell you the same. It doesn’t happen always, mind you, but happens most of the times.

So when I was in this Tooth Relic Temple, I could sense it. The complete silence around me with momentary bursts of flash when people took pictures.  The tiny vibrations that sprung up at the center of my being. The tingling sensation under my skin. The serene tranquility caressing my mind.  I stood there, transfixed and my mind went blank. I closed my eyes and stared into the infinite whiteness before me. I couldn’t pray, the feeling in my throat wouldn’t let me open my mouth, the blank mind could hardly think of coherent words. And suddenly, somewhere within me, the overwhelming feeling took over and the dam burst. I began to cry, right there in the middle of the praying room. The tears rolled down my cheeks but I made no attempts to wipe them or stop them, I let them flow.

I have no idea why I cried or what made me get so emotional but one thing I know for sure is that on that special day, I felt so close to God, something I have never felt before in my life. I am not exactly an atheist, but my faith keeps wavering and what I experienced  in the Temple was something totally anew. That day, for the first time, I felt faith bloom in my heart and radiate throughout my body, warming me. A faith so beautiful , it taught me to look at life in a new way, a better way. A faith so strong, so pure and so soothing, something that I’ll never let go…

Finally here…

So here I am. After making up my mind and changing it a 100 times, I am finally here and i have my own blog. It may surprise you that this is not my first blog. I had another blog before this but unfortunately I forgot its name, password and hence had to make another one. the older blog was kind of useless because I never did anything creative on it, thanks to my laziness. But now, I have decided to start blogging on a serious note and hence will try my best to keep this blog alive and up to date.

This blog will contain posts pertaining to different experiences that I had in my professional as well as personal life. A few poems here and there and a few photographs will also be featured, Hope you like it and yes, your comments are welcome because I believe that there is always room for improvement…! Image